Curtains v Roller Blinds v Venetian Blinds - Pros & Cons

One of the most critical aspects of setting up a home is the window dressing. It is as vital as furnishing, and the beauty of your decoration largely depends on your choice of materials. But with so many window dressing options to choose from, how are you supposed to decide which option will best suit your needs? Curtains, roller blinds and venetian blinds all have their pros and cons, so it can depend on what you want to prioritise; style, functionality or cost.


Due to the presence of professional curtain cleaning services in Melbourne and other major Australian cities, many settle for curtains of different designs and prices. Curtains have been the oldest form of window decoration; they have been in existence for hundreds of years, and they are available in some fabrics and styles that are perfect for any kind of interior decoration.

Curtains are quite affordable also; the price of cotton curtains is as little as $10, but prices generally weigh on the types of materials used. Thicker curtains can go as high as thousands of dollars. In cold seasons, you can make use of thick curtains that will block out the light and keep the room warm with extra insulation. Alternatively, you can pick light curtains that will billow with the breeze. Light curtains are usually used in warm seasons to allow enough ventilation into the home.


Curtains are easy to clean because you can just take them off their hooks and putthem in the washing machine. Curtain cleaning, however, primarily depends on the thickness of the fabrics, anyway. The setting of curtains against the window is not complex, and so it allows for easy release when it is time for cleaning.
With homes that have pets and small children, the use of the curtains is considered safe as they do not pose the threat of risk because they do not make use of pull cords.
The aesthetic values of curtains are displayed in their movements, especially when the windows are open, and the breeze is blowing.
In cold periods, curtains are most effective in the keeping the room warm.
Unlike blinds that require measurements, curtains can simply overlap the edges of the windows.


Curtains can become quite expensive if you want to add thermal backing or light blocking panels.
Curtains can require more upkeep and regular cleaning to keep clean, and the cleaning process is a lot more time consuming and expensive than certain types of blinds.
Curtains in kitchens and bathrooms are more likely to get stained, often due to the moisture in the air.

Roller Blinds

As the name implies, roller blinds are the sheet of fabrics that roll up the window when they are not in use. They are perfect for use in the bedroom, and they can be coated in dark-coloured fabrics that will prevent external light from disturbing your sleep.


Roller blinds are thinner than curtains, and so they occupy less space.
They are not easily stained and so don’t require regular cleaning.
Unlike curtains that may allow external light to pass through its slits, roller blinds block out light more effectively.


They can keep some windows from being easily opened.
They are generally difficult to clean except if made with wipe-clean fabrics.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are typically made of either wood, plastic or aluminium; they are entirely different from curtains and roller blinds that basically make use of fabrics. As in homes, they are also common in offices.


They can be used with a broad blend of different colour schemes.
They have ultimate control over the level of light that is let in or out.
They stack up when drawn, and so they take up much less space than curtains.
Because they are made of wood, plastic or aluminium, venetian blinds are more durable than curtains whose fabrics may degrade over time.


In cold weathers, Venetian blinds retain less heat than curtains.
They gather dust quickly and so require regular dusting.
Because the design is slatted, they may easily allow light to pass through even when they are closed.

Caring for Your Fabrics

When cleaning curtains and blinds, various things should be taken into consideration:


While fabrics of light colour resist fading by reflecting sunlight, dark-coloured fabrics easily fade because they absorb the sun. Therefore, lined window treatments, shades or blinds are effective for protecting your fabrics against the sun.


Another method of cleaning your curtains and blinds is by vacuuming. Always vacuum your fabrics at least every month to keep off dust and dirt that may remain permanent if not removed for a long time. Ensure also that buttons and other embellishments on the material are secure before vacuuming.


First, check your materials to be sure they are washable before you begin to do the laundry. Remove every hardware attached to the material before you commence washing.


It is advisable to iron the reverse side of your fabric to avoid ruining any sensitive design on it with the heat of the iron. You can spritz the seams lightly with water if they seem to have puckered.

Cleaning Lace

The dust in lace curtains and blinds can be removed by popping them in the dryer on the air cycle. Alternatively, you can wash the lace gently with water by using detergents made for delicate washables.

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