What to do if Santa spills milk on your carpet – carpet stain removal tips & tricks

What to do if Santa spills milk on your carpet – carpet stain removal tips & tricks

He may only work one day a year but it’s a busy one, so when the big fella arrives at your humble abode he’s bound to be tired, thirsty and pretty peckish. Navigating a foreign living room in the dark is no easy feat so there’s bound to be some spilt milk, mince pies and a few muddy reindeer prints on your carpet the next morning.

Whatever it may be; spills, dirt, cranberry sauce, gravy or the advent calendar choccies, these pesky devils will most likely find their way onto your carpet this festive season. But there’s no need to panic – if you treat them correctly your carpet will live to fight another Christmas day!

Although it might sound daunting, carpet cleaning isn’t as tricky as you might think. Here are some of our best carpet cleaning tips and tricks to give you the ultimate guide for Christmas carpet stain removal.

An essential part of the carpet cleaning process is to know what not to do when cleaning carpet stains. Here are the classic DO’s and DON’Ts of carpet cleaning stain removal.

• Contain the spill – with a paper towel or cloth
• Wipe away any excess liquids
• Scoop up any solids with a spoon

• scrub your carpet. Scrubbing at a stain can actually push the stain further into the carpet fibres making it much harder to remove
• iron your carpet. Some people might suggest ironing over certain stains as a removal technique but try to avoid this at all costs. You are more likely to leave scorch marks on your carpet and melt nylon or polyester fibres
• leave the stain on the carpet. The more time a stain has to settle, the harder it becomes to remove

Depending on the type of stain, these household products are always good to have in the cupboard in case of a carpet emergency.

  • White vinegar – great for lifting away all sorts of light stains
  • A simple home detergent (or multi-purpose detergent) is also a fantastic tool to get out carpet stains and germs
  • Bi-carb soda – the carpet cleaner all-round saviour

Disclaimer: If you are going to treat your carpet it may lead to discolouration or damage, always test your treatment in a non-obvious corner to see the effect of your treatment before applying to visible areas. Better still consult your carpet manufacturer or a professional carpet cleaner such as Drytron.

And remember… Drytron are great in any carpet cleaning emergency. Our years of developing a specialised cleaning process ensure you’ll get back to your celebrations in no time. If you need to get the carpet cleaning specialists in, then give us a call in the Drytron Customer Care Centre on 13 12 50.

10 Ways to Remove Cat & Dog Hair from your Carpets

10 Ways to Remove Cat & Dog Hair from your Carpets

Owning a pet can be such a fun and rewarding experience and they come with a huge list of positives that contribute to the overall happiness and fulfilment of everyday life.

But it’s not all glitter and unicorns when owning an animal. Domestic pets in particular, i.e. cats and dogs, can have a particular impact on the cleanliness of surfaces within the home. This is due to excess hair shedding that can cause a fair amount of hassle if left to build up on the affected surface for long periods of time. Professional cleaning services can play a crucial role in keeping your household aesthetics free of animal hair congestion.

Don’t be put off by the above comments – there is no reason why owning a pet has to be stressful, nor should you face an ongoing battle against pet hair shedding. As long as you carry out some regular cleaning practices and call in the professionals for carpet and upholstery dry-cleaning when necessary, you’ll keep your home fur-free!

Listed below are 10 carpet cleaning tips & tricks for pet hair removal, that you can implement into your everyday habits:

Sticky Lint Roller
It might seem like an obvious one, but sticky lint rollers are your best friend when it comes to a quick, fuss-free “de-fluff” session. They’re great for smaller areas, and not quite as effective on larger patches of carpet – as the sticky area of the roller can be quickly consumed by the first surface layer of hair. But hey, you’ve had a coffee and are feeling game – why not take to the armchair after you’ve finished cleaning up your favourite rug? Every small bit of maintenance helps to keep overall pet hair at bay.

Sticky-tape Rolled Around your Hand
This can be a fun one to encourage the kids to help with your carpet hair-removal movement – especially as Lint Rollers can be dearer and less effective on larger patches. Invest in some strong, industrial-grade packing tape, wrap around the palm of your hand several times (with the sticky component facing upwards!) and trick the kids into thinking they’re in competition to accumulate the most pet hair on their sticky tape. In no time, you could have larger rugs and carpets looking significantly less hairy than before! Go kids, go!

Roll the Dog Hair into a Damp Ball – Then Vacuum!
One of the most underrated hair-removal tricks in the book is that of a very light pre-moistening your rug and then sweeping the pet hair into damp, attractive clumps, prior to getting at them with the vacuum. Dampening the hair makes it a lot easier to sweep it into a pile for you to then blast away with your trusty hoover. This can make larger sections of carpet much more manageable to deal with – just be careful to not overdo the water usage. Carpet doesn’t dry quickly, without assistance, and wet carpet will lead to smells, mould, mildew and even carpet shrinkage. A slight light mist with a spray bottle is all you need to kick this trick into gear – and get rid of that hair!

Dampen your Cleaning Utensils
When it comes to hardwood flooring, rather than dampening the floor directly like above with the rug itself, you can actually dampen the broom or mop you’re using before you apply it to the floor space. Suddenly you’ve taken a pretty good everyday mop and transformed it into a highly efficient, damp hair-magnet.

There are many benefits of having your upholstery and carpets professionally dry-cleaned. Contact Drytron for a quote.

Holiday / Christmas craft ideas

Holiday & Christmas craft ideas

As we enter the silly season and start feeling festive, it’s a great time to make your home look merry and bright. With school holidays starting, a fun way to keep them busy is making Christmas crafts together.

We’ve put together a few ideas for you to make with the little ones, or if they are old enough, help get them started and let their creativity flow. Ps. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy these fun activities. Put some cheesy Christmas music on and get crafting!

Salt dough ornaments:

This is a lovely way to make special ornaments you can keep and hang on the Christmas tree year after year – and they also make extra special Christmas gifts. If you don’t already have Christmas cutters at home, you can pick them up fairly easily at most shops and supermarkets – and the bonus is, you can use them to make Christmas cookies too!

Of course you can also cut your shapes free form yourself – or trace around a cutout of some printed pictures you find online or in a magazine.

Here is a simple recipe:

Combine 4 cups all-purpose flour, 1 cup salt, and 1 1/2 cups of warm water in a mixing bowl. Knead until the dough is firm and smooth. Roll out dough and cut desired shapes (use a straw or a chopstick to poke a hole for hanging). Bake at 150°C until dry, approximately 1 hour; cool completely.

Once you have baked and cooled your ornaments, the fun begins. Paint them with your choice of colour and design, then tie a ribbon through and hang them on your tree.

If you have a baby or small child, a cute idea is to make fingerprint decorations for Grandparents. These can be painted and given to them as a special gift.

Painted pinecones:

With beautiful pinecones starting to drop around now, it’s a great time to take the kids on a pine cone collecting adventure so you can make festive decorations out of them. Paint them in your favourite colour or match this year’s Christmas theme. Once dry, you can add some glitter by brushing the tips with wood glue and rolling them in a tray of glitter to cover all sides. you can place them under your Christmas tree or around the house as part of the décor.

If you prefer a more natural style, you can decorate them to look like mini Christmas trees. Using a wooden block or cork as a base for your “tree”, choose your decoration, source some berries, beads, or pom poms as well as a star, from your local graft shop. Stick your decorations on the tips of the pine needles, as you would with real decorations. Place a good coating of glue onto the bottom of your pinecone and hold it firmly on the base of your choice until it has set. Glue the star on top and enjoy your adorable pinecone Christmas tree. Don’t worry if anyone makes a mess – these tips for crafty stain removal may come in handy right about now.

Festive treat jars:

Find yourself a medium sized glass jar: either a recycled jam jar or purchase some inexpensive jars from a discount store. You should also be able to pick up some fun things there for your children to decorate the jars with, such as Christmas stickers, stars and glitter. You can also make a reindeer jar, by using superglue to stick brown pipe cleaner antlers to the lids, with googly eyes and a fluffly pom-pom nose on the side to make its face. Once your jars are decorated and dry, full them with your favourite treats or cookies and tie a ribbon around them. These make great gifts for teachers or party favours for Christmas day.

Twig ornaments:

Everyone should have some twigs in their garden or on the street in front of your house. Send the kids out on a hunt for twigs while you get some work done. Once they have collected them, choose some wool, fine wire or twine and wood or craft glue and get creative. Break the twigs according to the size you want for the shapes you choose. Eg: Make a Christmas tree by gluing three twigs together to make a triangle and then use a small one as the base/stem of the tree. Or you can make a Christmas tree shape by placing the sticks a few centimeters apart, getting shorter as you move up the tree, and wire them or tie them together so they hang in the shape of a tree. Thread some coloured twine or wool around the twigs to decorate theme, and add any other decorations you have, like some old beach shells or a few pieces of broken tinsel. Tie some ribbon around the top and hang it in a window, or on your wall. If you want to paint your twigs too, then go for it! Another idea is to make some twiggy stars and paint them, or cover them with glitter, and hang them by your windows or door.

Christmas cards:

Homemade cards are very special and are appreciated by so many, especially Grandparents. If you have young children and want to go the simpler route, fingerprint artwork is a great option. Use finger paint and create a string of colourful fingerprint ‘lights’, these will brighten any card. Slightly older kids might enjoy making a paper Christmas wreath card, by cutting out different sized circles (which is great cutting practice too), using offcuts of wrapping paper. Feather the edges and stick them together in a circle with the edges fluffed up, to create a beautiful wreath. You can even recycle old Christmas cards by cutting out the pictures from the front and sticking them on some new cards, then drawing a picture or design around them. For the more advanced options, a pop-up snowman or Father Christmas is a fun option, or why not try making a Christmas village silhouette.

Once you’ve finished making and decorating your home with all your new crafty Christmas creations, prepare your home for visitors with Poinsettia plants and Christmas lights, give your carpets a clean and prepare for the silly season in style!

If you’ve got a little more glitter or “decorations” on your carpet than you planned, then you may want to call the experts in and have them professionally cleaned. Why not get in touch with Drytron carpet cleaners. They will have your carpets looking good as new in no time.  Book Online or Call: 13 12 50