Prepare for the end of Isolation, by Spring Cleaning your home with our handy checklist

Prepare for the end of Isolation, by Spring Cleaning your home with our handy checklist

With restrictions lifting for regional Victoria, there’s never been a better time to do a thorough Spring Clean of your home, before (fingers crossed) we are all inundated with visitors in the hotter months.

But, where should you start? What should you do? How do you get your iso-cave, ready to WOW again?

Here’s ten things you might want to consider doing, to Spring Clean your house ahead of Summer and ensure it stays hygienic for the whole family.

  1. First, get a little green by turning your old clothes, t-shirts, etc, into cleaning rags.

There’s no point buying disposable wipes or cloths, when you’ve probably got at least a couple of old shirts hanging around that you’re never really going to wear again. Simply tear them up into rag-sized-bits, and you’re good to go. Be careful not to use brightly coloured clothes as they may have dyes that run, which won’t really help with your cleaning mission! 

  1. Swap out your winter wardrobe for summer favourites, and get rid of the musty smell with a simple DIY solution.

It’s time to put away your jackets, uggs, boots and cardigans, and change your wardrobe over to something suitable for the warmer weather. And if you’re looking for a little trick to get rid of that musty smell in clothes that have been stored away, try diluting a little vodka in some water in a spray bottle and giving your new season’s wardrobe a light spritz. We promise it’ll have your clothes smelling as fresh as daisies.  

  1. Clean your appliances, and run vinegar through your Washing Machine, Dishwasher and Kettle.

Now is the perfect opportunity to make time to do a little maintenance on your home appliances, by running a splash of white vinegar through your Washing Machine, Dishwasher and Kettle. First, run your Washing Machine with water only, plus two cups of white vinegar, then do the same for your Dishwasher but with one cup of vinegar, and fill your kettle to boil with one cup of white vinegar also. Running the vinegar through the appliance will clean it internally, remove any odours or mould, and generally just give it a new lease on life. 

  1. Open some windows and let the Spring breeze in. Give them a clean while you’re at it.

Spring is here and it’s time to let that infamous Spring breeze in. What better way to do so than by giving your windows a good clean (using the rags you made earlier!) and opening them up completely to give your house a refreshing breath of fresh air. A custom in some European countries, this is one sure way to get you feeling the Spring spirit. 

  1. Have your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned.

You can do a pretty good job yourself of giving upholstery a rudimentary clean, but sometimes it pays to call in the professionals and have a thorough deep clean done. When you call upon Drytron to come and take care of your carpets and upholstery, you know that you’ll be coming back to a clean, fresh, relasing home with carpet that’s ready to walk on in just a matter of hours. 

  1. Freshen up your drains.

Drains are often an afterthought, when in reality they deserve our attention at least once a year. Take this opportunity to check your drains and pipes, flush them out and ensure everything is in good working order. 

  1. Don’t forget your car.

Whilst a Spring Clean may focus on your home, don’t forget to give your car some spring love too. By vacuuming the inside, doing any routine maintenance, and giving the exterior a good wash and polish, you’ll feel great hitting the road once you’re finally free to do so. 

  1. Give your fridge some attention.

Do you know that food poisoning most commonly occurs in the home? Avoid accidentally making yourself sick, by giving your fridge a thorough clean. Take all the contents out, throw away anything that’s been hanging around past its use by date, and disinfect and thoroughly wipe down all of the inside. Don’t forget the doors and drawers, to make sure no hidden germs are left lurking undetected. 

  1. Touch up any paint work.

Nothing says Spring Clean like a lick of fresh paint, and now might be just the time to do a bit of a walk-through of your home and outdoor areas to give them a little touch up.

  1. Move spare furniture to storage, or better still, give what you don’t use away to charity.

Sometimes you can love pieces of furniture, but realise they have no place in your current home. Perhaps you’ve got relatives riding out isolation with you and limited space, or they simply don’t suit your décor. Either way there are times when you need to make the difficult decision to store some of your belongings. When you do so, make sure you know how to store them correctly. Anything you really don’t use, might be nice to donate to your local charity centre, particularly considering the tough times we are all going through.

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make the most out of isolation-with-these-simple-home-improvement-tips

Make the most out of Isolation, with these simple home improvement tips

Make the most out of Isolation, with these simple home improvement tips

We’ve never spent so much time inside, as during this pandemic. That’s why now is the perfect opportunity to put that time at home to good use, by undertaking some simple home improvement exercises. 

We’ve got ten ideas to get you started. 

  1. Spring clean for a thorough spruce up.

Now is the time to get your house ready for Summer and potential visitors in the hotter months, by undertaking a thorough Spring Clean. We’ve got a checklist with ten ideas  to help you get started. 

  1. Find your perfect couch.

Updating a key furniture piece can have a massive impact on your home and living space. Picking the perfect couch is important, but there are many bargains to be had at retailers at the moment. Or, you could even find a second-hand couch to keep costs down.

  1. Get inventive with new soft furnishings.

Discover what rugs work best for your home, and invest in some new accent pieces to liven up your spaces. Look at bright blues, greens, burnt oranges and pinks, to stay up-to-date with current trends.

  1. Modernise with colour.

If you are feeling the pandemic pinch, and need to be thrifty with any home improvement ideas, try adding a splash of colour to modernise outdated spaces. Even something as simple as a brightly coloured mug, or even just vibrant fruit like lemons and limes placed in a bowl, can really brighten a room and make it feel fresh and modern.

  1. Get smart with small spaces.

You might not believe it, but there are so many things you can do with small spaces to bring out the WOW factor. Don’t be afraid to play with colour, mirrors, levels or clever storage ideas, to trick and transform.

  1. Hang some fresh art.

The simple act of hanging some fresh art can make a huge difference to how your home is presented. If you don’t have any art sitting around, and can’t afford to purchase some, try a framed print OR even create a hanging space for your kids to show off their art. They are mini Picassos afterall.

  1. Introduce a sanitation station.

Unfortunately, our new normal is a little different to the life we had all grown accustomed to, but what better way to embrace it than by making a specific, stylised space in your home for sanitation? It could be in the entryway, hallway, or any other area near the entrance of your home. You could even invest in a hands free sanitiser to add a modern, innovative touch.

  1. Convert a nook or spare bedroom into a home office.

With the whole world largely working from home at the moment, most of us need a functional, quiet home office to get things done in. Try converting a nook, or spare bedroom into an office space with the introduction of a nice desk, comfy chair and some stationary and decor items.

  1. Plant a little positivity in your garden.

Right now, we need all the positivity we can get, so why not plant some? Turn your outdoor space into a flower garden, green oasis, cactus walk or even, a mini orchard and vegetable garden.

  1. Have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned.

When it all comes down to it, an improved home means nothing if your carpet and upholstery is dirty, lacklustre, and in need of some serious TLC. Don’t break your back, or your wallet, trying to find solutions. Call in the professionals and let Drytron take this job off of your hands, to free you up for more of the good things. Like, enjoying your home, and this precious time with loved ones.

Drytron are Melbourne’s best loved upholstery, carpet and curtain cleaning experts. Drytron helps you maintain your home in top condition, saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Book your clean today!

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make the most out of isolation-with-these-simple-home-improvement-tips