Carpet Cleaning 101 - Vacuum often and where it counts

Carpet functions like a giant air filter, collecting our home’s dirt and dust. Those two Ds act like fine sandpaper, wearing down carpet fibres over time. If vacuuming is not your passion, and we’re guessing it’s not, our advice is to focus on vacuuming the high-traffic areas once a week or more. Carpet cleaning is an important process, by simply vacuuming the high-soil areas in the entrances and toward the front of your home, you can add years to the life of your carpet.

Go Slow
While vacuuming your carpet, take your time and use overlapping strokes. Even counting slowly with each forward and backward stroke allows time for the vacuum to do its work.

Treat Stains Immediately
If possible, take care of stains as soon as they happen. Most carpets today are made to resist liquid penetration for a time, so if you simply blot (don’t rub!) it dry with a clean cloth right away, the stain may not have a chance to set. If blotting alone doesn’t do the trick check out our Drytron carpet dry cleaning process and call in our professional carpet cleaners to get the job done.

Match Your Vacuum to Your Needs
Choose your vacuum based on its functions rather than price tag. Have shedding pets, for example? Choose a vacuum with a hose and multiple attachments. Stairs? Go light or find one with a removable stair-cleaning attachment. Choose substance over flashy, make the cleaning process easier.

Maintain Your Vacuum
Keep your vacuum clean. A dirty vacuum will give your carpet a compromised result. Empty the canister or bag frequently, check hoses for clogs, and change the filter when it starts to turn grey and clean the vacuum heads regularly.

Go Pro
Consider having your carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year depending on the size of your household. Rental machines that require special solutions can leave dirt-attracting residue. Use a reputable professional service instead. Check out Drytron’s recommended cleaning process here.

For more great carpet cleaning tips and tricks click here! Of course, if you need to get the carpet cleaning experts in to get your carpet, upholstery and rugs looking their best, simply contact us or give us a call in the Drytron Customer Care Centre on 13 12 50