Do’s and don’ts for rug positioning

Rugs are a great alternative to carpets, as not only are they easy to move, clean and replace when you feel like a change, they also make a great statement in a room, if positioned correctly. But when it comes to using rugs in your home, there are some important things to consider in order to get the right balance in your space. So, before heading to the shops, check out our top tips for rugs and you’ll soon be adding some personality, style and warmth to your home.

Cover Heavy Foot Traffic Areas

Rugs in areas prone to heavy foot traffic, such as hallways and lounge rooms, should be extend close to the full width, so people don’t have to walk with one foot on the rug and the other off it. Not only does an ill-fitting rug make walking awkward and uncomfortable, it can lead to unusual wear patterns on your rug and flooring.

Keep Equal Space Around Your Bed

When positioning a rug under your bed, try to place it directly in the centre so the edges extend evenly out from the bed frame. If it’s lop-sided, it can make the whole room appear unbalanced.

Place Rugs Underneath Furniture

In a large open lounge room your rug should sit under at least the front legs of the sofas – or if you have a large rug, completely under them. If you have armchairs in the space as well, their front legs should be just on the rug too. This creates a cosy atmosphere and cohesive sitting area, without closing it off from the rest of the room.

In a small lounge room, rugs should sit in front of the sofa, so there’s a narrow strip of floor showing. This makes the room appear lighter and more spacious. Meanwhile, In a dining room, rugs should be large enough for both the chairs and the table to all be placed on top. Make sure the chairs remain on the rug even when they are pulled out from underneath the table.

Don’t Place Your Best Rugs in The Spill Zone

Having said this, it’s best to avoid placing expensive rugs in the dining area, where there are likely to be spills and accidents. Even though they’re easier to clean than carpets, it can still be difficult to remove certain stains from rugs. If this does happen, you can always try using our spills and stain cleaning guide, and if those don’t work you can give us a call and get the professionals in.

Don’t Hide Your Rug

If you have a small rug in your lounge room try using a couple of side tables instead of a large coffee table, to show off more of your feature rug.

Don’t Forget to Purchase a Rug Pad

Rugs can provide comfort for your feet and back, however without a rug pad, that comfort may be lacking. Placing a rug pad under your rug will add additional support, prevent slipping and extend the life of your rug. Without one, your rug is free to bunch up, move, and slide around on your floors.

So now you know where and how to position the rugs in your home, it’s time to head to the shops and start shopping! But with so many designs, styles and makes to choose from that can be even more tricky. If you’re struggling to decide, check out tips for picking the perfect rug.

Once you have placed your rug and added some warmth to your home, it’s time to enjoy it. Contact the expert carpet cleaners at Drytron on 13 12 50 or Book Online when you need rug cleaning in your home.