Quick tip - Reduce Carpet Shedding

It’s a bit annoying – those little bits of carpet that seem to litter the top of your new carpet. Will this eventually become like the bald patch on Uncle Mikes scone? Will we need to adopt some elaborate comb over technique the way he does at Chrissie? Will we need to hide the patch with some conspicuous rug too?

Never fear, carpet shedding is just a fact of a new carpets life. Carpets made with spun fibres shed loose bits left in the carpet from the manufacturing process. Generally, removing these loose fibers does not affect the carpet life or quality. Also, they are totally safe, because of the micron size is greater than 90 microns, these fibers are too large to become airborne and breathed in (that needs to be less than <4 microns).

What should I do?
Most shedding gradually disappears within the first year. Simply ensure that you vacuuming properly (click here to learn how), using a quality vacuum cleaner. Also, ensure that you maintain your regular maintenance dry cleaning regime over the first year.

Carpet Crushing
…wait, what does that actually mean? Crushing is the loss of pile thickness due to foot trampling. As you imagine this is going to be the advent of flat areas on your carpet in high traffic such as hallways, entrances and lounge – rooms. Sometimes you can restore the carpet, other times crushing is there for good.

Is carpet crushing covered by Warranty?
You probably guessed it, crushing is not considered a manufacturing defect unless specifically cited in the manufacturer’s warranty.

So what do I do?

Like many things, prevention is better than trying to find a cure. So…

1) Regular vacuuming may help reduce crushing due to traffic.

2) Use rugs, mats and runners in high traffic areas.

3) Move furniture around regularly, and use carpet off-cuts or carpet protectors under the legs of cabinets, couches and tables.

4) Regular carpet dry cleaning will brush up the carpet.

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