Quick tip - Removing that new carpet smell

How to get rid of that new carpet smell
Hey, we love the look of our new carpet… but when you are lying awake at night with the smell pervading the room it is not quite as pleasant. Why does it smell? Well, it is an industrial processed product so a bit of that is bound to come with a bit of odor. Latex, wool, nylon, fire repellents, fabric protectors and of course carpet adhesives all add up to a cocktail of caustic.

The first step is ensuring that any new carpet you buy is a quality product that is guaranteed low irritant, and off-gassing laboratory tested.

What to do
Once the carpet is laid there is of course no going back. The smell will diminish over time, however, If the smell is a little more you can bare then here are a few tips.

First, ensure that the room is well ventilated with a steady flow of air. Perhaps the use of fans to keep the air moving.

Secondly, distribute baking soda over the carpet then vacuuming up the next day. Ensure that you install HEPA filters in your vacuum which will stop the minute particles spreading around the room.

Thirdly, another option that is found here is to soak complete onions or celery soaked in water overnight in the room that has the new carpet.

Finally, we are a carpet cleaning company… so of course we are going to recommend our services, but we do have a range of products that we use in the cleaning process to leave a clean fresh scent rather than ‘Eau de glue no 5’. Give Drytron a call for a bit of Rescue 101 on 13 12 50.

Young couple relaxing on the carpet