Tips for working from home

Working from home has become a permanent reality for a lot of people in the past 18 months. For many it’s a welcome respite from long commutes and has given them more quality time at home, but others are struggling with the blurred boundaries of working and living in the same space. The flexibility of working from home can be liberating, however it can also feel lonely at times too. Whether you’re new to working from home or would like to create better working habits, you need to have a healthy work-life balance. Here are a few tips that will help you to maintain that balance.

Maintain your morning routine:

Have you ever noticed you’re far more productive if you start your day by making your bed and getting dressed for the day, rather than lounging around in your pj’s until lunch time? Try and stick to a work-style routine. If you usually get up at 5am and go for a run before leaving for work, then continue to do this. Make sure you’re sitting at your desk when you would normally be arriving at the office and give yourself time to check through your emails so you’re on top of things before your first virtual meeting or call.

There might be days where you don’t feel like getting out of your pjs while working at your desk, so if you don’t have to be on camera, every now and again treat yourself to a pyjama day! This is one of the perks of working from home, but try to stick to your routine of waking up at the same time and having your morning coffee like you normally would. Just don’t make it a habit as dressing sloppily (or not changing out of your sleep wear) can make you feel sluggish and less productive.

Create a workspace that is clutter free:

In an ideal world, it would be amazing to have an office or study with a desk and proper office chair (ergonomically set to the right height), but this is not the case for many of us, especially if you never intended on working from home before the pandemic. A spare room or bedroom where you can put a desk in the corner is also a great option, or even the dining room table. Try to designate a fixed place as your “workstation” where you can work from daily. Keep it neat and tidy with only what you need for work around you. A couple of pot plants and a candle might be nice too, but only if you have the space. Ideally you want a calming area that’s clutter-free with minimal distractions.

Schedule breaks:

It’s very easy to get stuck into a project and before you know it, hours have passed, and you haven’t had a break. Try to take a few short breaks and then a longer one for lunch. There are many apps out there where you can set work and break times or use your reminders app on your phone. Take time to make yourself a coffee or get up and have a stretch or walk around the garden. It’s important to let your brain and body relax so you return to your workspace feeling fresh and ready to focus. Take a lunch break, just as you would if you were in the office. Eat a proper lunch and go for a walk or use this time to stretch or do an online yoga class. Get some fresh air and natural light and try to switch off for that hour.

Stay socially connected too:

Keep in contact with colleagues and communicate with them on a regular basis. Face-to-face conversations are still best, and this is one of the things most people miss while working from home, but thankfully technology helps us bridge that gap in the interim. There are lots of ways you can communicate while seeing your colleague online and still feel like you are interacting with one another. Keep a group chat open on your computer so you can quickly message people and even share a laugh here and there by sending a funny meme or gif. And if you’re feeling a bit lonely, pick up the phone or jump on a video chat and ask your work colleague how they are doing, how their weekend was and how their family are.

Leave work ‘at work’:

This is one of the most challenging things to do when working from home, but it’s also the most important. Set your hours and only work between them. It’s very tempting to open your laptop at night when your kiddies are asleep or on the weekends. Remember you need a break and your family want to spend time with you without you being distracted with work. If you’re lucky enough to have a study or office, close the door after your working day is finished. If you’re working from your dining room table, shut down your laptop and even pack it away for the night.

Enjoy the perks:

If you used to have to get up early to commute to work, you can now use that extra time to sleep in a little longer or enjoy a run or a swim before your day starts. In one of your breaks, you can put a stew on to cook and keep an eye on it — or bake a loaf of bread, so your family has a delicious dinner to come home to. Check out our tips for health and fitness in the home so you get your exercise done in your lunch break, then have a shower and return to work feeling fresh. Wrap yourself up in a blanket if it’s chilly outside or work on the soft carpet in the afternoon sunshine, if that’s what you feel like doing. As working from home seems here to stay for many, you might even want to look at investing in refreshing your home with new carpet to help you enjoy your space more – find out why here!

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