Why fitted carpet helps you work more happily from home

It might seem a bit far-fetched, but installing the right carpet can really make a big improvement in your daily quality of life, especially in these times when so many of us are working and schooling at home.

One reason for this is that carpets are great at absorbing and softening harsh sounds, creating a quieter, more harmonious indoor environment for everyone in the home. Installing good quality carpet with the right kind of underlay is the only way to eliminate excessive noise generated by floor impacts, such as footsteps, chairs scraping, and objects being dropped. This is particularly noticeable in homes where children running, jumping and playing can greatly contribute to ambient noise levels.

Carpet and underlay also absorb sound reverberation; which is the technical term for how long sounds last within a room. Uncarpeted homes are generally much noisier, with background sound echoing around and impairing communication, particularly when you are trying to talk on the phone or via video conference. Soft furnishings such as curtains, rugs and furniture in a room can greatly help with sound absorption, however by far the most effective solution is wall-to-wall carpet with a good quality underlay.

According to a fact sheet by the Carpet Institute of Australia, acoustic consultants, Graeme E Harding and Associates (GEHA) said: “The installation of carpet or similar types of floor covering is the only method available for eliminating excessive noise generated by floor impacts. Carpeted floors can result in a reduction in noise of over 20 decibels2.”

The type of underlay used is also important: “The pile structure of carpet also helps to control reverberation. A material’s potential for reverberation control is quantified by its Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and/or by its Weighted Sound Reduction Coefficient, αw (pronounced ‘alpha w’). A typical broadloom carpet has an NRC of 0.35 and will absorb approximately 35% of sound that strikes it. The NRC rating of carpet is directly proportional to the thickness of the floor covering. If the carpet is installed with an underlay its NRC rating will almost double.”

In addition to the obvious noise reduction, carpet also gives a feeling of comfort and warmth that makes working from home so much more enjoyable. Sitting at a desk all day in an uncarpeted room can be quite cold, and can leave you feeling quite stiff and irritable. Carpet automatically makes a room more insulated and therefore cosier, meaning you won’t get cold feet and might even be able to leave your shoes off, for a more relaxed and comfortable working environment.

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