The Carpet Dry Cleaning Process

Invite Drytron in. Come back with a grin.

The Drytron carpet dry cleaning service is fast and convenient. The process uses minimal water so avoids the smells, delays, and shrinkage associated with steam cleaning.

It’s a little like cleaning a suit. You are not going to want to wash it in steaming hot water. Instead, we use high powered vacuum cleaners, stain breakdown pretreatment, and two dry cleaning compounds to provide a full clean while using minimal water.

Our 30 years of experience cleaning Melbourne’s carpets, rugs, curtains, and upholstery, have led us to develop two highly effective cleaning products of our own: Drytech One and Drytech Two. Our Drytech solutions are broad-spectrum cleaning compounds, ensuring they are extremely effective at resolving a variety of soiling and stains. Whilst our six-step Drytron cleaning process uses deep cleaning technology, to remove stains, dirt, and odour.

six steps

Step 1:Jet Vacuum

The first step is to use a high powered vacuum. This removes abrasive loose elements and moves the carpet fibres into a vertical position. This assists the compounds to quickly go to work and loosen soil from the whole fibre.

six steps

Step 2:Stain Breakdown Pretreatment

Our Drytech Solutions are broad-spectrum cleaning compounds. This means that they are extremely effective in terms of the number of different kinds of soil and stains they can remove.

six steps

Step 3:Apply Drytech One

Drytech One is applied using a compressed air sprayer. This transfers a light mist to the carpet, eliminating the danger of over wetting the carpeting or backing.

six steps

Step 4:Apply Drytech Two

The accumulator pad is submerged in hot water along with Drytech Two then squeezed as dry as possible to further minimise the amount of moisture applied to the carpet before being applied to the turbo agitator.

six steps

Step 5:Turbo Agitator

The rapid rotation of the accumulator pad activates the Drytech compounds, which draws the soil from the fibres on to the pad. This process is gentle enough to maintain the integrity of the carpet pile.

6 steps

Step 6:Hand Groom Carpet Pile