Best carpet cleaning products for home

Our customers often ask us what products we use to treat carpet stains and spills. We have produced a range of stain busters, that you can use in a carpet cleaning emergency.

Price your clean

Professional Cleaning intervals

It is recommended that you use professional cleaning at regular intervals to ensure your carpet remains in top condition. Below is a guide to how often we recommend you book a clean based on the size of your family.

Spill Buster

Our Spill Buster is a must for any home. Keep it on hand for any unexpected spills and stains. The Spill Buster absorbs fast and thoroughly and can also be used to clean and dry windows, remove fluff and pet hair.

Only $15

Stain Buster

Drytron’s Stain Buster is a must have for your cleaning cupboard. Use it on stains and spills and as an all-purpose carpet and fabric stain remover. As well as a superior clean, it will also freshen your carpets, fabrics and furnishings.

Only $20

Wee Buster

If you have pets, you must have Wee Buster in your cleaning artillery. It will eliminate unwanted pet urine residue and get your carpets and fabric clean and smelling fresh again.

Only $20