A Guide to Cleaning Before a Holiday

As the excitement of an upcoming holiday trip sets in, the last thing you want is to return to a home that feels more chaotic than comforting. To ensure a welcoming space upon your return, consider adopting a pre-holiday home cleaning routine that encompasses your entire home, including those often overlooked carpets.

Holiday Trip House Cleaning:

Start with a comprehensive decluttering session, organising belongings and eliminating any unnecessary items. Dust surfaces, wipe down counters, and disinfect high-touch areas to create a clean and hygienic environment.

Secure Loose Items:

Before leaving, secure loose items such as curtains, blinds, and rugs. This not only prevents them from becoming dishevelled but also minimises the risk of potential damage in your absence.

Empty the Fridge:

Dispose of perishable items from your refrigerator to avoid returning to unpleasant odours (or potential mould!) Wipe down the interior with a mild cleaning solution to maintain freshness.

Deep Clean Carpets:

Give your carpets the attention they deserve by deep cleaning them before your vacation. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dirt to ensure that your carpets are free from allergens and odours.

However, for the best results, especially when it comes to carpets, consider enlisting the services of professional cleaners. They possess the expertise, equipment, and cleaning solutions needed to tackle deep-seated dirt and stains, leaving your carpets looking and feeling their best. Call the Drytron team for a free quote or to make a carpet dry cleaning booking. Drytron Carpet Cleaning provides carpet cleaning in Melbourne and across wider Victoria.

Cleaning before a holiday contributes to a stress-free departure and a more pleasant return. Take the extra step to leave your home in pristine condition. By combining your personal cleaning efforts with professional assistance, you ensure a clean, inviting space upon your return.

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Smiling couple with little girl sitting on suitcase in living room ready before a holiday