House Cleaning Tips For Working Mums 

Are you a working mum who feels like, no matter how much housework you do (which is a lot), the job is never done? Or just as you finish mopping the floor, a small person “accidently” spills their juice all over it, or drops biscuit crumbs onto the carpet you just vacuumed? If you can relate then read on for our house cleaning tips for working mums.

Have a cleaning schedule:

Make a cleaning schedule of what needs to be done daily, weekly, or monthly and stick it up on your fridge or in a place you see often. This way you have an idea of what needs to be done and it becomes less daunting. Break it up and do what you can before work, like make the beds and put a load of washing on, then there is less to do when you are finished work for the day.

Get the worst part over first:

When you know you have a big task or cleaning job to do, try and get that one done first. There’s nothing worse than knowing you have something big that needs to get done and you keep putting it off. All the rest of your tasks will seem more manageable when you’ve already completed the most difficult task of the day.

Designate a specific cleaning time:

Have a set cleaning time every day, so your children know they need to help at that specific time and there is no arguing. This will soon become a routine, and kids thrive on routines. Get the children to tidy up their rooms and help you with the laundry, or pack clothes away. Ask them to clean the walls where they’ve left dirty handprints, and try to make it fun for them too. Make sure their tasks are age appropriate or you may end up with a bigger mess than you started with. Here are some more ideas on how the kids can help with the cleaning.

Do one load of laundry every day:

Depending on the age of your children, and how many outfits they go through, you may have to do a load of laundry daily to keep on top of it. You can put a load of washing on before work and hang it up to dry so when you get home you can fold and put it away: or get your kids to, if they’re old enough. If you need to do ironing, keep this aside for every two to three days when you don’t have a large amount of cleaning and the pile has built up a little. (This is why having a routine and schedule is important).

Go to bed with a clean kitchen every night:

Get your kids to clear the table after dinner and start washing the dishes straight away, instead of putting it off til you’re tired and just need to put your feet up. Or if your kids are old enough, this is a great way to get them to help you. There is nothing worse than waking up to a messy kitchen.

Clean all your floors at once:

Instead of getting out and putting away the vacuum, broom, or mop multiple times, do it all at once. It’s much quicker to get all the floors finished than getting stuck into one room and having to start over with the floors as you enter the next room. Do all the vacuuming or sweeping if needed, then mopping depending on your floor type. Get your carpets professionally cleaned with Drytron when needed too, this will save you a lot of time.

Clean while you’re cooking:

While your dinner is in the oven or veggies are in the steamer, use this time to wipe down the surfaces or wash pots or bowls you’ve already used, or wipe down your microwave if needed. It makes cleaning up after dinner a lot easier if most of the dishes have already been done.

Wipe your bathroom down daily:

If you keep things clean daily, it ends up saving time overall. While waiting for your coffee to brew in the mornings, give your basins and counter tops a wipe down. If your children are young and you are still bathing them, then give the bath a quick clean after they hop out, to save doing it later.


It’s amazing how many papers, art and other items can gather and pile up around the house. If you don’t use something often, or if it’s broken, not needed and you are saving it “just in case you might need it someday,” get rid of it! Unnecessary clutter makes your house look messy.

Some days you’re not going to be able to get everything done. We all have those days when we have an unplanned meeting or something unexpected happens. It’s okay, you’re only human. And don’t forget, you can also call on your professional cleaners, Drytron, to give you a hand.

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