How does Carpet Dry-cleaning work?

Cleaning Helps Ensure Your Carpets Remain Fresh

When you think of the dry-cleaning process, what usually comes to mind? Most assume that it’s a luxury only necessary for that delicate silk dress you need to freshen up for an event, or the kid’s school blazers that aren’t resilient enough for the household washing machine. What a lot of people fail to realise, is that dry-cleaning isn’t just specific to special clothing items or heavy household linen. What about the withstanding carpet you laid down years ago, that endures hours of foot traffic a day, while continuously insulating your floors and keeping your home cosy? Surely this feature of your home deserves the same care and attention as a dress or blazer?

The bottom line is – your carpet needs to be maintained if you want it to remain in good condition. The same goes for almost anything you own and use daily. And don’t worry if you’ve neglected your carpet cleaning and care habits up until this point – it’s better to start now but be informed before you do so. Carpet cleaning needs to be a process that is carefully researched and understood, so that you don’t choose the wrong method. Dry versus steam clean can be a very bad oversight if you don’t know the right questions to ask and the right people to speak to.

how does it work

What does the carpet dry-cleaning process involve?

Well to really state the obvious, your carpets are left dry. This may seem like a given, but ironically a lot of people aren’t aware that there isn’t water actually involved from start to finish. You see a stain and instantly think you need to douse it with bubbly detergent – but this is not an effective long-term practice. A professional dry-cleaning service entails a thorough, complete maintenance of your carpet that won’t leave one area in particular more saturated than others. Stains can be removed from different spots without it changing the appearance or quality of that particular area. Sure, DIY stain-cleaning efforts can seem instantly effective, but it’s far better to know your facts and identify when you might need to call on a professional carpet cleaner.

Rolling out the process

Carpet dry-cleaning includes a pre-vacuum of your carpet to remove any dry surface dirt such as dry-cleaning mud or sand. This step is also applied to the steam cleaning process as well – because regardless of the technique implemented; dry surface debris can be incredibly hard to remove if it has become wet, compacted and somewhat solidified. A professional carpet cleaner will still give it a good go, but they will likely warn you that there is potential for lasting surface abrasion due to the way the dirt is now embedded in the carpet.

The solution to the problem

After vacuuming, the carpet is then treated with a special cleaning solution; a gentle yet effective combination of dry-cleaning solvents mixed in with water. The solution breaks down the oily residue contained within the carpet – this residue is what enables the dirt/debris to be held into the fibres, hence why you often spot-treat a stain but can’t seem to get rid of a residual stain shadow. Therefore, when the solution removes this obstructive oily residue, the carpet is now in a condition for easier removal of engrained dirt.

The importance of cottoning on

As unusual as it may seem, cotton plays an important role in the final stages of the carpet dry-cleaning process. Large absorbent pads are saturated in hot water that has been blended with a conditioning rinse, and then these are placed on the carpet under a rotary machine that acts in a similar way to that of a floor polisher. The pads are spun around on the carpet at high speed and the dirt is released from the carpet onto the pads. These pads are continually changed in the cleaning process and in some trickier cleaning situations, this will be done a second time.

What else do you need to consider?

Just because you understand what the carpet dry-cleaning process entails, doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will have an end result that is professionally acceptable. That’s because every carpet cleaning business will claim to be “professional”, but this won’t be known to you until you’ve actually witnessed the finished product. Doing your research of, not only the technique that will be used, but also being careful about who to trust with facilitating this, can be the difference between an average end result or an exceptional one. If a company aren’t friendly, informative or willing to provide a reasonable quote from the get-go, the chances are that their attitude to the dry-cleaning process will reflect this sub-par service. Other factors to keep in mind:

Ask questions

Make sure you understand what exactly their “solution” contains within its ingredients. Be alert for chemicals you’ve never heard of and don’t be afraid to ask why they use this product. Not every company will necessarily use the solution that they should be. Or, the solution appropriate to the material of your carpet.

Read reviews online

You’ll probably always find one or two customer reviews that give aggressively negative feedback, these people may or may not be justified in what they are saying. Make sure to read reviews across the board, take into consideration both positive and negative comments, and look at the context within the comments too. Bad customer service is unacceptable; however, this may be an unfortunate one-off situation that doesn’t reflect the company as a whole. How you yourself are treated as a new customer is what is most important. Go with your instincts.

Why do I need to go to this much effort?

Well, you don’t really – the carpet cleaning professionals will do the hard stuff. Your efforts will be rewarded if you can understand and value the importance of booking in periodic carpet dry-cleaning jobs. You paid good money for your carpets, they look beautiful, they feel soft and healthy. Therefore, establishing a solid business relationship with a trusted carpet cleaning company is the key to ensuring your carpets remain beautiful both on the visible surface and within the fibres you can’t actually see.

Carpet Cleaning Melbourne – who do I choose?

Drytron Carpet Dry-Cleaning in Melbourne specialise in the dry-cleaning process, and you’ll find instant relief with the quality of the service you receive. Drytron are dedicated to their customers from the initial consultation through to the pre-assessment and then the exceptional final result. Carpet dry-cleaning bookings can be made online or over the phone, and in no time at all, you’ll add extra time to your carpets – the only choice you need to make is whether to do it today or tomorrow!

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